Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mission Update: U of L Nursing Students Gain Real World Experience

U of L Nursing Students Gain Real World Experience

       The University of Louisville School of Nursing's Dr. Catherine Batscha is known for taking her students out of the classroom and into real world settings.  On a recent morning, Dr. Batscha's students conducted a smoking cessation class for the benefit of a group of women in Wayside Christian Mission's recovery program.  As a number of our resident clients suffer from respiratory health issues, the workshop could not have come at a better time.  Here is what Dr. Batscha's students had to say about their experience at Wayside Christian Mission:


"I have enjoyed the experience of getting to know more about the community and informing them about healthy lifestyles."--Katie


"I really enjoyed being able to work with people who need my help and appreciate what we do!"--Amelia


"I have enjoyed getting a new perspective of our community.  I also liked getting to know the women here and I hope that our class has made a difference in someone's life!"--Kacy


"This class is a great experience. I never realized the difference we could make in people's lives!"--Josh


"The adage goes, 'If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life.'  What we do is teach people to live and we can extend and improve their lives immeasurably."--Adam


     Among the topics addressed were smoking related diseases, short and long term benefits of quitting, and proven methods for breaking the habit.  To their credit, Dr. Batscha's students gave a professional presentation that was well-received by those in attendance.  We are grateful to all those who participated in this event. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mission Update: “A Faith-Shaping Experience They Will Never Forget!”

"A Faith-Shaping Experience They Will Never Forget!"


Fill a church bus with some high-energy kids, toss in a few adult chaperons, send them on a weekend mission trip, and amazing things are bound to happen!  Central Church of Christ in Benton, Kentucky recently delivered a small army of hard-working kids to Wayside Christian Mission and, by then end of the weekend, our backlog of chores and projects had been shortened considerably!  These kids were amazing!  Brian Brophy, one of the adult leaders, explained, "This is our second trip to Wayside!  We came in 2009 and loved it so much, we wanted to come back!  We have taken mission trips, done camps, been to youth rallies, and many other events, yet our teens consistently say that nothing has inspired them like Wayside!  The work is meaningful and challenging, but in a controlled and well-organized environment.  The stories, testimonies, life struggles, and victories of the staff and residents have impacted our kids like nothing else!  This is a faith-shaping experience they will never forget!"

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mission Update: Sullivan's School of Accounting Offers Dollars and Sense Training

Sullivan's School of Accounting Offers Dollars and Sense Training

     One of our goals is returning our women and men back into the community as sober, responsible, self-supporting citizens who enjoy the dignity of caring for themselves and their children.  We seek for foster a sense of independence among our resident clients and, as such, we make vocational and life skills training readily accessible.  Recently, Sharon Williams and Lori Vowels from Sullivan University's School of Accounting led a class in budgeting and money management. 


     As our guest instructors were quick to explain, most people do not plan to fail, but they often fail to plan--and this is particularly true in matters of money.  Using an easy to read and easy to understand spreadsheet, a group of our resident clients were introduced to a simple method of keeping tabs on income and outgo.  The only way families can survive is to spend less than their earnings; however, many of those in our care have never learned this basic principle.  Our classroom participants quickly caught on to this concept and were soon discussing budgeting ideas among themselves and their two visiting instructors. 


     Our resident clients do not stay with us forever and when they leave, we want them equipped for the rigors of independence--including financial independence.  We are grateful to Lori and Sharon for their sterling presentation.  Our thanks to Sullivan University, too, for sending these two gifted instructors.  Teaching financial independence concepts to the poor is one way of breaking the cycle of poverty.    

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mission Update: Chef Kevin Praises Kent School Alumni Council

Chef Kevin Praises Kent School Alumni Council

     Recently, Dean Sanger and the Kent School Alumni Council hosted a meal at Gilda's Club honoring those lost to cancer.  With assistance from Hotel Louisville's Chef Kevin Nelson, Kent School Alumni Council members prepared the food that was served to the victims' family and friends. Soon after the event, Chef Kevin received a very gracious thank you card signed by Dean Singer and the Kent School Alumni Council.  Upon seeing the card, Chef Kevin stated, "It was truly an honor serving as the supervising chef for the Council's annual service project.  Not only was I amazed by the measure of caring compassion demonstrated by the council members, but I was pleasantly surprised by their culinary skills.  All in all, the event was a huge success!  To my new friends from Kent School, please don't be a stranger at Hotel Louisville's WayCool Cafe!  We are now featuring new menu items including my amazing new meatloaf sandwich as well as 9 wonderful salads starting at only one dollar!  I've also kicked up our legendary $5 luncheon buffet with brand new menu selections--and my famous fruit cobbler is now free with any meal!  I am looking forward to having you as my luncheon guests!"  By the by, our own Chef Kevin and another Chef Kevin Nelson, whose local TV show is a favorite among Louisville food connoisseurs, will be emceeing the University of Louisville's Cardinal Cook-Off event on February 19 beginning at 6 PM.  Bring your appetite and don't miss this culinary event!   

Monday, February 18, 2013

Silver Awards/Gold Hearts

Silver Awards/Gold Hearts

Silver Awards/Gold Hearts
     Two cadets from Girl Scout Troop 185 presented their Silver Award Projects to Wayside Christian Mission's Chaplain Mike on a recent Friday evening at St. Pauls Church in Louisville's Pleasure Ridge Park neighborhood.  Belle R and Chiara L, two amazing teens with engaging smiles and an abundance of creative talents, demonstrated  love and compassion toward those less fortunate through their Girl Scout Silver Award projects.  Belle raised money to purchase fabric for seventeen colorful, warm, hand-crafted blankets that will be distributed to those who have no home of their own.   What a useful donation that will certainly be appreciated!  Chiara cleverly designed nine different greeting card samples and then raised money for card stock, envelopes, and printer cartridges to produce 150 various greeting cards.  By this, our resident clients will have free greeting cards to send to their loves ones as a way of saying, "You are special to me!"  How thoughtful!  Both girls were strongly influenced by their experience in serving at a rescue mission kitchen where they saw young children--not just adult men as they had supposed--going through the line to receive their meals.  And both girls said that using their talents in helping others has given their own lives more meaning!  We salute Belle and Chiara, two compassionate and talented Girl Scouts, whose Silver Award service projects prove they have hearts of 24 karat gold!   

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Mission News: Nativity Academy and Sacred Heart - Students Show How Much They Care

Nativity Academy and Sacred Heart 

Students Show How Much They Care

     Thanks to the amazing students from Nativity Academy at St. Boniface (Grades 6-8) and Sacred Heart Model School (Grades K-8), many of the lives of those in our care were blessed by a much needed donation of handmade cards and warm winter clothing!  By working together as a team, the students from both of these fine schools collected socks, gloves, and hats--all perfect for taking the chill off of winter's bitterly cold temperatures!  To warm the hearts of our homeless clients, the students also collected handmade greeting cards and personally written notes of encouragement.  These generous students and their teachers delivered their gifts to Wayside Christian Mission's Emergency Shelter on Jefferson Street during a recent after-school outing!   Thanks, kids!  Your generosity is truly appreciated! 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Wayside Expressions Gallery Mari Mujica, Photo‐Ethnographer

Wayside Christian Mission
Wayside Expressions Gallery
Mari Mujica, Photo‐Ethnographer
Sueños de Mujer, Barreras de Inmigrante
Women's Dreams, Immigrant Barriers
Opening Reception,  First Friday, March 1, 2013 - 5:00 to 9:00 PM
There will be a second reception on the
Third Sunday,  March 17, 2013 - 2:00 to 4:00 PM
This exhibition will be on display through April 2, 2013.
Gallery will be open Monday through Friday
 11 AM to 1:30 PM or by appointment.
This event is free. Open to the Public.
Wayside Expressions Gallery
Hotel Louisville
120 West Broadway, SE Corner of 2nd and Broadway Streets
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
For an appointment or information call – Randy Webber, Development
Wayside Christian Mission - 502-836-7661 or 502-584-3711