Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Taking A Bite Out Of Poor Oral Health Care

     Stepping away from the confines of a college classroom, University of Louisville School of Dentistry students Jessikka Suazo and Nimet Altairi took their education and experience to Wayside Christian Mission and to a population that, as a whole, suffers from poor oral health care.  As many dental problems can be slowed or even reversed by a proper regimen of oral hygiene and professional care, these enthusiastic students gave a lively and engaging presentation that held their audience‚Äôs undivided attention.  Admitting a bit of apprehension and the proverbial fluttering of stomach butterflies prior to their presentation, our guest speakers quickly connected with the women in our recovery program and what followed was a lively hour of oral health care dialogue and education.  Many thanks to University of Louisville students Jessikka and Nimet who did a masterful job in leading this much needed presentation!