Monday, April 29, 2013

Mission Update: U of L President Dr. James Ramsey to Speak at our Annual Dinner

2013 Annual Fund Raising Dinner--Come Join Us!

"If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind 
of heart trouble!" --Comedian Bob Hope

Here is your chance to help fight homelessness while enjoying an evening 
of good food and fun with a purpose! Wayside Christian Mission's 2013 
Annual Fund Raising Dinner will be held at Hotel Louisville on Tuesday, 
May 28. A silent auction and reception commence at 5:30 PM. Dinner and 
program begin at 6:30 PM. Reserve your place by calling Ryan at (502) 
582-2241 ext. 215. 

Hotel Louisville is located at 120 West Broadway. There will be ample free parking. Tickets are $25 each or reserve a table for eight for $200. 

University of Louisville President Dr. James Ramsey will be our special guest speaker! Don't miss the excitement!

Mission Update: Judean Christian Ministries at the Mission

Judean Christian Ministries from Knoxville TN volunteering at the Jefferson Street campus this weekend.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mission Update: Student Philanthropy Award Goes to Wayside Christian Mission

Student Philanthropy Award

Goes to Wayside Christian Mission

         Recently, Wayside Christian Mission was honored by the University of Louisville as the recipient of the Student Philanthropy Award bestowed by the university's political science students and Dr. Sherri Wallace.  The award came about after Wayside Christian Mission was chosen as one of the sites of a student capstone project.  The Mission responded by saying, "We are particularly pleased by the students' capstone project as this was obviously more than a mere academic exercise.  The students came to the Mission, interviewed a number of our resident clients, and then, based upon their acute observations, created a tool that will assist our clients in transitioning back into the community. These students left no stone unturned.  Their research into low-cost/subsidized housing will provide our resident clients and the case managers who assist them with meticulously detailed data that is absolutely vital in making proper housing decisions."  Once again, we say thank-you to the University of Louisville for caring about the community's homeless population.   

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NACSW is pleased to announces new online continuing education program

NACSW is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new online continuing education program in partnership with twelve Christian Colleges and Universities. 


Online continuing education through NACSW offers easy, "on-demand" access to a wide array of high quality training options sensitive to the ethical integration of faith and practice accessible via computer or mobile device. 


All trainings included in this program provide CEUs accredited by the Association of Social Work Boards. Costs for trainings average $15/CEU hour for audio-based and text-based sessions, and $20/hour for video-based sessions. NACSW members receive a 20% discount on all trainings, and additional discounts are available for alumni of university partners as well!


Learn More About NACSW's Online CEU Program

To learn more about and begin earning CEUs through NACSW's On-line Continuing Education program, visit our program webpage, download our program flyer, or contact us directly. 
Tim Moseley M.Div., MSSW
Wayside Christian Mission
502-582-2241/502-584-3711 -
Hotel Louisville Campus -120 West Broadway Street, Louisville, KY 40202
Jefferson Street Campus - 432 East Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40202
Mailing Address: PO Box 7249, Louisville, KY 40257-0249

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mission Update: Written by Jack K., age 15, is a student volunteer from Trinity High School

Celebrating Life As A Lady

By Jack K.


            Ladies need to feel like ladies and this was definitely the idea at the Women's Manicure and Tea Party at the Louisville Hotel.  The atmosphere was ecstatic as you walked in.  People are just happy to be with one another in this closely knitted group.  These women have come together, not only to feel like ladies, but to celebrate life itself.  Each women was asked to share what she thankful for in her life.  A gift basket was handed out to each lady that contained items such as lotion, makeup; things that help ladies feel like ladies.  Manicures were given out to those who wanted them by several volunteers that were more than happy to help.


            Many ladies expressed the joy that the party had given to them.  One client said, "Having your nails done and getting a massage does more than just make you feel lady-like, it makes you feel appreciated. "  Another commented, "These volunteers take a time out of their lives to make us feel cared about, they help us feel good about our lives."  The volunteer leader, Mattie Cohen, felt the project was a success. "This is the second time we've done this, and this time was even better than the first!   After last year, we felt doing this again would be great.  It's a gift to us to be able to make these ladies' day."  Having been there personally, I hope to see this kind of turn out for the party in the years to come.


Jack K., age 15, is a student volunteer from Trinity High School in Louisville

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mission Update: $149 Derby Day Hotel Rooms Available (Louisville )

Welcome Kentucky Derby fans! Hotel Louisville, your home for true southern hospitality, offers free onsite parking, comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi, cable TV, work-out rooms, a coffee shop, shuttle service, and a cafe that offers sit-down dinners at fast food prices! Spacious king sized room with a two night minimum for $149 per night. Double with two night minimum $199 per night. Lovely suites with a two night minimum $300 per night. Best of all, we are conveniently located near Churchill Downs and many other famous Louisville attractions! This stately high rise hotel is owned and operated by Wayside Christian Mission and serves as a training facility for the benefit of those in our care--your patronage helps us to help others. Ready to reserve your room for Derby? Call our General Manager, Linda Stith, at 502 345 5110.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pat Day visits with Hotel Louisville GM Linda Stith

Look close and you can see Pat's picture in the background on old Portland Federal Building - Waycool!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

No Spring Break for these University of Louisville Students!

No Spring Break for these University of Louisville Students!


     Spring break conjures images of winter-weary college students flocking to Daytona Beach for some sun and fun, but University of Louisville students Colleen, Kaley, and Katie had other plans for spring break.  Rather than heading to some tropical destination, these students  devoted a portion of their precious free time to serving as volunteers at Wayside Christian Mission.  How can you become involved as a volunteer?  Glad you asked!  We have two volunteer orientation meetings at the Mission's Hotel Louisville at 120 West Broadway each week--Saturday mornings at 10 AM or Tuesday evenings at 6 PM.  Simply ask for Chaplain Mike upon your arrival.  There is plenty of free parking.  We are looking forward to seeing you!  Get involved!  While changing the lives of others, we can guarantee that your life will be changed, too!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Mission Update: Parochial Students Prove There Is Power In Numbers

Parochial Students Prove There Is Power In Numbers

There is power in numbers and this maxim certainly held true when a group of Mercy Academy students teamed up with another nineteen students from Mother MCAuley Liberal Arts High School in Chicago for an afternoon of outdoor spring cleaning at Wayside Christian Mission's Hotel Louisville on West Broadway!   Blessed with sunshine and mild temperatures, these girls busied themselves scrubbing brick pavement beneath the hotel portico and cleaning trash and debris from the hotel grounds!  Passing through Louisville on this pleasant afternoon, our visiting Chicago students were on their way to an Appalachian service project scheduled during their spring break from classes!  Under the supervision of Art Sheridan and Mercy Academy's Rick Blackwell, the students and their chaperones did a superb job and everyone appeared to be having a good time working as a team!  While we are used to seeing our good friend Rick Blackwell and his Mercy Academy girls routinely serving at Wayside Christian Mission, we were equally delighted meeting our brand new friends from Chicago!   

Mission Update: KMA Annual Bunny Run Is Once Again A Thundering Success!

KMA Annual Bunny Run Is

Once Again A Thundering Success!


     At first, there was quiet anticipation as anxious Wayside boys and girls queued under the portico of the Mission's Hotel Louisville.  Something special was ready to happen!  And then came the roars and rumblings of a thundering herd of motorcycles--the Kentucky Motorcycle Association's Annual Bunny Run was about to begin!  With enough noise to quicken the dead, wave after wave of motorcyclists filled the hotel's parking lot followed by a rather stately six foot Easter bunny regally chauffeured in an antique Lincoln convertible!   After greetings from Rev. Tim Moseley and a prayer from biker chaplain Jim Bernard, the bikers and the bunny distributed Easter baskets to every adoring boy and girl in the assembly!  We celebrate Easter as a remembrance of Christ Jesus' resurrection from the grave.  As our Savior conquered death some two thousand years ago, Easter is truly a time of happiness, hope, and joy.  And our friends from the Kentucky Motorcycle Association brought basketfuls of joy to a whole lot of homeless boys and girls!   We are grateful! 

Mission Update: Daniel And Dee: Rebels With A Cause

Daniel And Dee:  Rebels With A Cause


     Decked in leather and mounted on a rumbling Harley, Daniel and Dee were two of the many motorcyclists who participated in this year's Kentucky Motorcycle Association's Annual Bunny Run at Wayside Christian Mission.  But six years earlier, Daniel and Dee, proud parents of two young daughters, were homeless and in the care of Wayside Christian Mission.  "Wayside was a life saver for me," Dee explained. "God took us from nothing and gave us everything!"   While at Wayside Christian Mission, Daniel pulled a stunt that, admittedly, led to his arrest.  Climbing atop a cellular phone tower near the Mission's old shelter on Market Street, he unfurled two banners proclaiming "Extreme Make Over Life Edition" and "Meth Busters."  Two weeks later, Daniel was out of jail and was soon hired by the Transit Authority of River City.  In reminiscing the past, Dee said, "Wayside brought us together, brought us off the streets, and brought us to God!"  That is quite a testimony, but Daniel and Dee are quite a couple!   This might be a good time to remind our supporters that success stories as this are possible because of your prayers and financial generosity!