Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Alumni, 5 years sober, writes about her visit

Blessings to You. My name is Linda an alumni of Wayside Christian Mission Recovery Program. I have been clean and sober for 5 years. My gratitude comes from God allowing you all to love me until I began to love myself. I want to say Thank You for saving my life.
I recently stayed at Hotel Louisville. The hospitality and atmosphere was warm, welcoming, friendly and most of all spiritual.When I entered your hotel a overwhelming sense of peace, humility and gratitude came upon me. The spirit is definitely in the hotel. My stay was so emotional I did not want to leave. By the grace of GOD, through sober eyes I was allowed to see the total operation of Wayside and its mission which is helping others. I see GOD working through you all to save many lives. Such a rich and rewarding experience. The mission taking the broken in and teaching them a new way to live through service and engage in the programs offered to better themselves is truly a gift and a blessing.
The recovery choir is awesome. I attended several engagements with them. When they open their mouths to sing, I felt the anoiting. Oh my God, the presence of the spirit released in the congregation was truly inspiring. I was deeply touched by the experience.