Saturday, June 30, 2012

University of Louisville RFP introduce our residents to "Paws with a Purpose"

A letter of thanks to the leaders of "Paws with Purpose" from Lora Haynes.

Hello Elaine, Gabrielle, Sheilah, Ann, and Stephanie (and 3 smart pups!)-


I would just like to say, again, what an amazing event you provided for our Resilient Families Project (RFP) programs last night!  We recognize what an effort it was to coordinate your schedules (the 5 of you, along with collecting and returning your dogs) and to engage with such a large group (>90 individuals) for a full 90 minutes!  This was such a wonderful opportunity for our families and our team to learn about Paws with Purpose (PWP) AND to see the power of great training, great patience, and a great idea in the effort to serve individuals with physical challenges.  Our families and our team alike are really just in awe of the work you do and the abilities you bring out in your (gorgeous!) dogs.  You all are such wonderful personalities who are clearly dedicated to your mission, and I can't begin to thank you or appreciate your work enough.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mission Update: Labor of Love


    Providing a badly needed recreational center for the women and children in our family shelter is no longer just a dream. Recently, a group made up of youth and adult volunteers from New Wilmington Presbyterian Church in northwestern Pennsylvania arrived with rolled up sleeves to tackle this major renovation project!  David Hunter, one of the mission organizers, explained, " I went to Wayside in November of 2011 as a volunteer with Dr. Karen Steubenbort's Introduction to Social Work class from Butler Community College to assist in setting up for the Thanksgiving Dinner ( I am an adjunct professor in BCC's Social Work program).  At that time, I met Tim Mosley, and we talked about a possible mission trip for our Sr. High youth group.   Tim mentioned a couple of projects, including the floor project.  In January, the session of our church asked my wife Tawnee and me if we would be willing to organize the mission trip this summer (it's usually a function of the associate minister, but we were without one at the time).   We agreed to do it, and I contacted Tim shortly afterwards.  Rev. Jason Santos came to our church as our new associate minister in May, and he was able to participate in this mission trip. We brought  twenty-one senior high school students students from our church and fourteen adults ranging in age from 21 to 71.  I am still amazed that this project came together, and I do believe that prayer and divine intervention were integral to this project.  Our group found this mission trip to be especially meaningful because we knew that we were there to accomplish something that was important for the ministry at Wayside.  We appreciated the gracious hospitality of the staff at Wayside.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mission Update - Fueling the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fueling the Entrepreneurial Spirit

      In her own life, Syvoskia Bray Pope has faced plenty of hurdles and roadblocks, but by God's grace and a healthy measure of personal determination, she is educated and enjoys a rewarding career helping others in realizing their own lifelong ambitions!   As a microenterprise coordinator working with Mayor Fischer's office, Ms. Pope assists aspiring entrepreneurs in opening small businesses through community loans and grants!   Recently, Ms. Pope presented business opportunities to a large group of women and men in Wayside Christian Mission's life skills training program.   These presentations were both beneficial and timely, for our clients will need to earn a living when they leave our care.  Rather than being a drain upon the public coffers, our recovery clients receive valuable, ongoing training that will help them in becoming productive citizens.  Hats off to Syvoskia Pope for her sincere dedication and professionalism! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mission Update - Chicago Youth Serve Louisville's Homeless

Chicago Youth Serve Louisville's Homeless

     Alpha Phi Alpha's Leadership Development Institute reaches out to students from 12 to 18 by providing leadership and learning skills that will enhance their chances for future success!  The pattern of older men mentoring young men is nothing new, but for high school students growing up in today's complex world, the challenges are always new and different!   Recently, a group of young participants from Alpha Phi Alpha's Leadership Development Institute spent a steamy afternoon in the outdoor sun painting the iron fence surrounding Wayside Christian Mission's Hotel Louisville.  The work was hard, but with all their energy and muscle, the job was completed in record time!  The repainted fence looks great and it was our pleasure having this group of teenage boys from Chicago here with us!  Thanks to all who participated--and thanks to their adult chaperons, too, for investing their lives into the next generation! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mission Update - We Are Family!

Visiting Kids Say, "We Are Family!"

What could be better than hanging around the pool with the gang on a lazy summer afternoon?  How about painting?  Cleaning?  Hauling?  Okay, so grunge work may not be everyone's idea of a good time, but for years, the youth from Church of the Cross in Lexington, Ohio have traveled to Wayside Christian Mission in Louisville to for a week of hard, sweaty labor and this year was no exception!  Our thrift store in J-Town was given a fresh new look thanks to the hard-working kids and their equally hard-working adult leaders!  Here is what these Christian kids had to say about their week of work at Wayside:


"It was a life-changing experience that really showed us different lifestyles and points of view!"--Megann


"Any person we met thanked us and treated us with respect!"--Kelsey


"No one treated us like outsiders!  We were family!"--Cassidy


Our J-Town thrift store has plenty of bargains for the savvy shopper and now, thanks to these amazing Christian kids, the store now sports a fresh new look!  Thanks, kids, for sharing your summer with us! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mission Update - Wayside Expressions Gallery

Wayside Expressions Gallery


Joyce Howell Young, Photographer


"A Lens View" Exhibition

Opening Reception,  First Friday,  July 6, 2012 - 5:00 to 9:00 PM


There will be a second reception on the

Third Sunday,  July 15, 2012 - 2:00 to 4:00 PM


This exhibition will be on display through  July 31, 2012

Gallery will be open Monday through Friday

 11 AM to 1:30 PM or by appointment.


This event is free. Open to the Public.


Wayside Expressions Gallery

Hotel Louisville

120 West Broadway

Louisville, Kentucky 40202


For an appointment or information call – Randy Webber, Development
Wayside Christian Mission - 502-836-7661 or 502-584-3711


Monday, June 11, 2012

Filling the Health Care Gap

Filling the Health Care Gap!

     Norton Healthcare's Get Healthy Access Program's (GHAP) mission is "to establish a mechanism for underserved populations at risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes to reduce the burden of chronic disease." Accordingly, GHAP is working to reduce cardiovascular disease while increasing access to timely health care for about 300 uninsured Jefferson County residents each year.   Recently, Norton Healthcare chose Wayside Christian Mission as a GHAP program site; with many of our women and men in the "at risk" category, Norton's involvement provides our resident clients with a great source for achieving improved health and wellness!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

We Need Education!

Several of Wayside's younger residents lip synced the lyrics,"We don't need no education" for Pink Floyd performing in Louisville tonight. During their rehearsal, their instructor explained that the song was not negative about education and that a good education is very important. The band donated $500 dollars to Wayside Christian Mission as a result and the kids got a back stage audience with the band members. For the record, we believe education is a primary way out of poverty. God bless our teachers - "Teachers, please DON'T leave our kids alone!"