Monday, June 08, 2009

A Note From A Resident

Dear Rev. Tim Mosley ,

First of all , I would like to say im a current resident of the wayside mens facility located on 432 jefferson street. I am not typing this to complain but rather give thanks towards your ideaogly on helping the homeless. Im a 22 male that graduated from highschool and attempted to aspire my childhood dream of going to college . I did that and went to Western Kentucky University , and began my college career .. I went very good for the first three semeester to I began to get into the college night life and decided to join a fraternity. I did become successful in the fraternity and became third in charge ( risk reduction officer) it was then after that i began to slip and started sliding away from the lord and my grades began to decline rapidly.. I felled out of college . lost my job and lost my apartment. i found myself using marijunaa and sleeping on friends couches and bumming of relatives...... It was until i heard of louisville and my friend told me about Wayside Missions ( his parents are volounteers ) . So i moved to area Homeless and came to wayside.. Mr. Mosley i would like thank for you the chance to start my life over. Since at wayside ive served in the kitchen ( thoug hthe pay wasnt the best ( it got me back in the habit of waking up going to work everday and responsbillties. . Since at wayside i have saved up money , started a savings plan , got a line cook job for a cordish company ( working towards promotions ) and the best for last been clean for 4 months free from ( alcohol adn marjiunan ) and I recieved Christ last week and was bapitized that same day .. I felt like i needed to express the to you and let you know that the Work out program has changed my life .. thoug the times was hard , i thank you for the chance to start my life over , and gave me hope when i was on the track of committing sucide.. wayside gave me hope and faith that i can overcome .. sorry to bohter you and i would like to help out to help other anyway possible..

Thank you For you Time and May God Bless ,

Monday, June 01, 2009

Broadway Hotel - a new home

The Mission made a successful bid Tuesday morning to acquire the Louisville Hotel located at 2nd and Broadway. Mission board, staff and attorneys have been pursuing this property for months after it went into foreclosure. It is our understanding that the hotel had been operating in the red for a number of years after several attempts to bring it back to life again. Unfortunately the foreclosure will affect those currently employed at the hotel but this would have occurred regardless of who was successful in bidding. Many who have stayed and worked in the hotel over the years or have memories of the area have applauded our saving this unique old building. It is our understanding that other interested parties may have had immediate plans to raze the building and use the property entirely for surface parking.

The Mission Board made a decision that the property would meet the current and long term needs of our ministry to men, women and children, but would primarily be used to support the Mission’s child development center, the family emergency and transitional housing and social service programs, and the single women’s emergency housing, transition and permanent social services programs. In addition, the mission plans to locate its homeless veterans’ family and single women’s program and its Safe Haven program for mentally ill single women who are homeless.

The property is well designed for our needs and is similar to the floor plan of the Men’s Campus on Jefferson Street that has worked so well for nearly five years. The 287 rooms each are furnished with beds, dressers and desks. Each room has a full bath and locking door, all very similar to a typical hotel layout. In addition the facility has a fully operational kitchen. It has a dining room with chairs and tables. The building has a modern fire and smoke detection and alarm system, elevators that are in perfect condition and a PA system, phone system and many other necessities that would be used in our ministry. Hotel conversions for providing low income housing options are very common in most major cities.

I cannot comment on an ongoing business proposition or opportunities at this time; however we will be happy to share this in the near future when all in finalized. One point to realize is that from the previous paragraph one can easily see that there are tremendous advantages to this almost ready to move in facility that will save the Mission not only time but money. Estimates for new construction of such a building would exceed 20 million dollars and a building even half that size would take years to complete.

The 12 story building is located on a 2.9 acre plot of land that will offer much more parking than is needed by the Mission. We are searching for ways that we can share this parking with other businesses or educational communities in the area. We are also exploring partnerships with several non-profit agencies that are in need of office space and locations that are closer to the clients they serve.

The buildings location is strategic to access of homeless services and opportunities. The business area will offer entry level jobs, the L&N building just down the street will offer close access to state social services. Just south is York Towers that offers permanent housing for low income citizens. The public library is less than two blocks away and offers many programs for children. This part of Broadway offer easy access to TARC.

Mission staff has surveyed nearly all of the surrounding businesses and have received their acceptance and support for the move. This has been a much different response than that we received in previous explored locations. Most of the surrounding businesses recognize that our presence will improve the homeless male traffic because of our policy to be good neighbors. We will not only police the business area but also respond to any reports of problems or concerns with homeless men or women and intervene appropriately and attempt to get them to a shelter or other services that may be needed.

Wayside Christian Mission exists to serve the homeless and economic needy people of our community. We offer a critical and lifesaving/changing service. Wayside along with many service partners will utilize this building to provide quality services, quality housing and life changing programs that will impact the community in a positive way.

Please keep the Mission and our residents in your thoughts and prayers as we continue the process of finalizing this acquisition.