Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"My Home"

Today I couldn't help but notice an interesting race between two young girls staying at the Mission’s family shelter located in Hotel Louisville. The girls came out of the rear door of the hotel full speed screaming at the top of their voice," my home, my home, my home". I watched as they ran into the new playground that was recently constructed by volunteers from General Electric this past week. They ran to the far side where a plastic playhouse was located. The larger of the two made it in first and closed the door and then quickly opened the door and let her younger sister enter.

Sometimes we get a better understanding of what goes on in the minds of children by observing their behavior. I'm sure these children either consciously or unconsciously dream of the day they will have their own home. For now, however, home is a hotel room at Hotel Louisville. Not too bad: things could be much worse but these children need a home in the community and eventually they will have one, God willing.

Please keep the little ones in your prayers. Pray that their childhood will not be blemished by their current problems and that God will bless them with a real home to grow up in. Pray that their parents will make progress, begin to put the pieces back together, begin to be a family with real goals and to love each other and to love God.