Monday, October 14, 2013

Mission Update: Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You

Tom, Tam, and Brandon are students from St. Meinrad Seminary.  Though the rigors of study keep them well occupied, their school's field education program exists so that theology students are able to apply the lessons learned in the classroom to real world settings.  We are delighted that Tom, Tam, and Brandon chose Wayside Christian Mission as the site for serving as student interns.   Recently, the three seminarians hosted a root beer float party as a means of getting to know some of the women, men, and children whom God has placed in our care.  As one is never likely to meet a boy or girl who does not like ice cream, it goes without saying that the students' root beer float party attracted a legion of kids.  Of course, older kids love ice cream and soda, too, so the turnout was good!  God calls His servants to love those who are in need.  Jesus said our neighbors are those who suffer from want.   And with the help of ice cream and soda pop, Tom, Tam, and Brandon were given an opportunity to serve their homeless neighbors.