Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mission News: Our ladies absolutely loved this speaker...


Anthony Kern on the Making of Leaders


     In preparing our resident clients for success in the outside world, we offer life skills training to enhance their social skills, personal health, and employability.  Recently, Milwaukee native Anthony Kern of the law firm Gibson and Sharp delivered an inspiring presentation on the development of one's leadership capabilities.  In reminding his audience that leaders are made, not born, he shared some of the secrets of highly successful individuals who have made their mark in business.  His presentation was enthusiastically received by those in attendance. 


    Anthony is an attorney, but he could have been a successful motivational speaker.  After studying law at Seaton Hall, he moved to Louisville to work with Trover Solutions. As opposed to Milwaukee and Newark, Anthony enjoys Louisville's milder winters and our southern way of living. 


      After his presentation, a number of the participants praised Anthony's engaging method of teaching and asked him to return for a follow-up session—an offer he kindly accepted.  We are grateful to Anthony Kern for making time in his hectic schedule to offer training to those whom God has placed in our care.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mission Update: The Amazing Kevin Kwan and His “Can Do” Attitude

The Amazing Kevin Kwan and His "Can Do" Attitude

     From early childhood, Kevin Kwan was taught the value of an education and the lessons he learned from his parents paid big dividends.  After graduating as valedictorian from Male High School, this amazing nineteen year old University of Kentucky sophomore is attending college on scholarships provided by Yum! Brands/Kentucky Fried Chicken and Buick Division of General Motors.  Kevin's goal is to become a cardiologist.  Besides his involvement in youth ministry at Southeast Christian Church, Kevin spends much of his free time in volunteer activities.  Wayside Christian Mission is only one of many charitable organizations that has a place in Kevin's big heart. "Serving as a volunteer gives me more than just a warm feeling.   It instills a sense of accomplishment that nothing else can give.  Serving and giving back allows me to truly say thanks to my community for everything"

      During his high school years, Kevin belonged to fourteen organizations and headed seven of these.  He was also a class officer.  Kevin is a first generation American born to parents who immigrated to the United States from China.  When asked about hobbies, Kevin responded by saying that he enjoys running and Extreme Frisbee.  It is worth noting that Kevin excelled in track during his high school years. 

      Kevin is an exceptional young man and we are delighted that he is serving with us.