Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Student Intern Says, “I Love Working Here!”

Elaina (Lanie) Smart is a 22-year-old in her first year as a Master of Divinity student at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Her hometown is Chillicothe, Ohio and she is a 2013 graduate from Wright State University, where she received her B.A. in International Studies and double-minor in Music and International Business. Lanie is blessed to have loving and supportive family and friends, who, in numerous ways, have had a huge impact on her life and formation as a Christian. She enjoys singing, dancing, writing, acting, reading, laughing, taking walks, and eating ice cream. However, Lanie’s favorite pastime is getting to know others, engaging with them in conversations about life and religion, and learning more about Jesus in the process. During this school term, Lanie is serving at Wayside Christian Mission. When asked about her experience, Lanie replied, “I love working here! Wayside has already provided and will continue to provide me with a vast array of experiences that will be valuable in my future ministry. It is also very enriching to get to know those who are under care of the mission; I have already gained a deeper understanding of Jesus from the conversations that I have had!”