Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 Running Out of Space

The new kitchen was filled with volunteers and standing room only. Over 85 turkeys were prepared the night before.
This 20 year old college student began his tradition of helping to serve Thanksgiving Meal at the Mission when he was in the 7th grade reports his mother. It has become a family tradition. One women reported that it was her 23rd year volunteering during the holiday.
Additional tables had to set up in the hallways to meet the growing needs of the community's needy seeking a hot Thanksgiving meal.
We were surprised at Thanksgiving Lunch today as the line waiting for a meal became endless. The dining hall was packed and we had to set up 8 additional tables in the halls and reception area to meet the growing need. Thank God we had a good number of volunteers to help set up the new dining areas.

Thanksgiving 2006 Pictures

Kentucky Motorcycle Association members provide around the block security for volunteer's cars.
Residents staying at the Mission enjoy a breakfast fit for a king.
Volunteers at the Market Street location prepare a Thanksgiving meal for the family and children staying at the Mission. Some volunteers have been coming annually for over 20 years.
Nina Moseley, Director of Support Services with Jim Bulleitt, WLKY 32 worked together to show our community how Thanksgiving was celebrated at the Mission.
Hard Working Crew picks off the TURKEY meat preparing for Lunch.

The Early Crew began at 4 AM. These included Frank Farris (far right) owner of Ginny’s Diner and Theodore Loebenberg (second from left). Theodore reports that volunteers have to set aside their egos and get to work. He has washed dishes along side of a surgeon. He strongly believes that you must be “willing” to be an effective volunteer.

Thanksgiving 2006

(left-Wayside resident plays the harmonica with the Down by the Wayside Choir)

Volunteers helped to make it all happen at breakfast this morning at Wayside Christian Mission. We began the Thanksgiving Day at our new Jefferson Street Men’s Campus and at the Market Street Women and Children’s Campus. Both sites served the homeless while the “Down by the Wayside Choir” performed on Market Street. Frank Farris, owner and operator of Ginny’s Diner arrived with his crew at 4:00 AM to begin the meal. Hundreds of other volunteers are scheduled to help throughout the day. WLKY 32 and WHAS 11 both had live morning crews to capture this unique community event. The Kentucky Motorcycle Association sent member to patrol the parking area for the volunteers and an off duty policeman volunteers to assure vehicle security.

Many of the homeless were pleasantly surprised to see the outpouring of community compassion to make this day special just for them. Residents were treated to service at the table and plate and coffee refills. The choir performed Gospel music that had many standing and clapping. Residents remarked how wonder the meal was and how they appreciated the first class service.

God Bless you all on this Thanksgiving Day and a special Blessing for the many volunteers that gave of themselves to help others feel better and to help them know that God is still working through His people.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wayside Expressions Art Gallery News


Wayside Expressions Gallery presents the artwork of poet, musician, and Mixed Media artist Phyllis Free.  This exhibit includes laser print reproductions of her original art as well as other works . The opening reception will take place Friday, December 1 from 5:00 until 9:00 PM.

Gallery will be open:
Saturday, December 2, 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Sunday, December 3, 2:00 to 4:00 PM

Wayside Expressions Gallery
800 East Market Street,
and Market Streets
For additional information call Wayside Christian Mission at 502-584-3711