Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hundreds of volunteers from Wal-Mart and other local businesses participated in "MLK a Day On not a Day Off" at the Mission, cleaning the new men's facility and preparing more items for shipment to Katrina assistance programs in the South.

Wayside's "Down by the Wayside Choir" presented several Gospel selections.

Homeless clients of all ages participated in the evening of remembering and celebrating the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Service at Wayside

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day has special significance for Wayside Christian Mission. Wayside was the first rescue mission south of the Mason-Dixon Line to be integrated. Wayside's founder, Rev. Richard Anderson, took the hard and sometimes costly stand as the Mission was developing during the late 1950's. One community member actually told Anderson if he would keep the mission "all white" he would make a $7,000.00 donation. Anderson stuck to his belief that as a Christian Mission we should have no part of segregation and turned down the very sizable gift for the day.
This is one reason we have a special event at the Mission to remember the activism of Dr. King. On Monday evening we facilitated a service of rememberance of the slain civil rights leader. The service began with prayer followed by the rendition of the "I have a Dream" speech, which was skillfully and emotionally performed by one of the Mission's own homeless men who is also a member of our recovery program. Several clients read Dr. King quotes as the crowd of about 150 homeless clients from Wayside and other agencies reflected on the words and their meaning then and now. Rev. Al Herring, pastor of Church of the New Covenant (see picture above) in Jeffersontown, presented an inspirational sermon. When Dr. Herring was invited to speak at the event again this year, he stated he could think of no better way to spend the holiday than with the people at the Mission. Following the inspirational sermon, the Mission's "Down by the Wayside Choir" performed several Gospel selections, then led the crowd on a candelight vigil from the new, Jefferson Street Men's Campus to the Market Street facilities.

Many clients were touched by the service and younger clients were able to learn about the stuggles of the early days of the civil rights movement. Dr. King fought for the oppressed...not only the racially oppressed but also the economically disadvantaged. In a very real way today the Mission continues the battle that someday we all hope "we shall overcome".

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Very Best of the Down by the Wayside Choir

We are getting ready for the New Year by making available the Mission’s newest choir CD, “The Very Best of the Down by the Wayside Choir”.  This CD is full of life moving soul that will help keep you focused on how God can work in your life daily.  I start my morning drive to work by listening to two of my favorite songs, “Jesus is Love” and “I am a Soldier”.  This CD is so inspiring because it reflects the struggles in the lives of many of our current and past clients who have not only been homeless, but are struggling with addictions to alcohol and drugs.  They have turned to the Lord and a better way of living to break the chain of these addictions.  If you hear them sing you can feel the conviction in their voices and words. 


This CD is available to all who send in a $20.00 donation to the Mission.  Just include a note in your donation that you would like to have a copy and I will send it to you or you can come by and get it.  These CD’s will also be available for sale on our website soon.  This CD is Way Cool, just like the clients who sing the songs.