Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mission News: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Event

On Thursday December 20th the families of Wayside Christian Mission's emergency and transitional shelter were treated to a Christmas Party.  The event was led by Chris Mallory and a group of adults who were in the same Jeffersontown High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes group.  The guests from Wayside were entertained with pizza, crafts for the kids, music, and a visit from Santa Claus.  The parents were also allowed into a special back room to pick out age appropriate gifts for their children.  Those gifts were then wrapped by the volunteers and given back to the parents so that the children could receive gifts this Christmas.  Mr. Mallory is quick to indicate that they don't do this event every year for themselves but for the children and for God's glory.  The children and the families had an excellent time and we appreciate the love that this group shows the families at Wayside.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Mission News: Christmas Tradition

Death of Son Inspires Loving Christmas Tradition

      A decade ago, eighteen year old high school senior and college baseball prospect Bo Upton was brutally murdered by five strangers.  The only child of his mother Sherry, seven years passed before justice was pronounced on those who had taken the young man's life.  In the meantime, Bo's grieving mother tried making sense of this senseless tragedy.  In memory of her son, Sherry Moore devotes herself to bringing joy to the needy each Christmas.  As is her annual holiday custom, Sherry and a loyal team of volunteers bring coats, toys, and gifts for the homeless to Wayside Christian Mission.  "Christmas is about Jesus," she explained. Showing Christ-like compassion to those in need is how Sherry honors God's only Son and the sacred memory of her only son.  As the nation mourns the recent murder of twenty Connecticut school children, Sherry's tribute takes on special meaning this Christmas season.  

Mission News: God's Angel - Merry Christmas!

"Carol is God's Angel!"

     Lakeita S, a native of Louisville, has four children of her own and cares for another five children who were awarded to her through the court.  With nine children under her roof, no vehicle, and very little money, her Christmas tree would be lean if not bare without the help of Carol Cook's annual Miracle on Broadway event held at Wayside Christian Mission's Hotel Louisville at 120 West Broadway.  Each year, hundreds and hundreds of Louisville boys and girls have packages to open thanks to Carol and her army of hardworking volunteers and generous donors!  After making her rounds through the Christmas Store, Lakeita exclaimed, "Carol is God's angel!  She has found her calling!" We have nothing but praise for Carol and all those who donate their time and money in behalf of children and families who live in poverty.  Thank you!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mission News: Restaurateurs Benefit Christmas Store

Restaurateurs Benefit Miracle on Broadway

     William and Amy Steinbach Enix, proprietors of That Place on Goss, a trendy eatery located inside the Goss Avenue Antique Mall, are not only passionate about food, but they have a heart for the families in our community that suffer from poverty!  Once again this year, the husband and wife restaurateurs held and art and antique auction with 100% of the proceeds used for purchasing Christmas gifts that will be distributed at the Miracle on Broadway Christmas Store located at Wayside Christian Mission's Hotel Louisville!   Each Christmas season, hundreds of needy families have gifts under the Christmas tree because of Miracle on Broadway.  "Miracle on Broadway is very dear to our hearts," explained Amy.  "Being able to bring so many people together for a cause that benefits so many families in our city is a great feeling!"  You said it, Amy!  We are grateful to Amy, her husband William, and Carol Cook, Miracle on Broadway's tireless organizer, for bringing such joy to those in need! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mission News: Congressman Yarmuth Greets Mission Residents

Congressman Yarmuth Greets Resident Clients

     In what has become an annual event, U.S. Representative John Yarmuth visited Wayside Christian Mission's Emergency Shelter on Jefferson Street with holiday greetings and a bag of hand-made Christmas cards!  Early Monday morning, a large crowd of homeless women, men, and children assembled in the shelter's main dining hall as The Down by the Wayside Choir, directed by the Mission's Virginia Taylor, entertained everyone with festive Christmas music.  Nina Moseley, Wayside Christian Mission's COO, introduced Congressman Yarmuth who, after addressing the crowd, passed through the aisles distributing the uniquely creative Christmas cards that came from the hands of local school children.  There was plenty of tempting food and with the speakers, the holiday music, and the special Christmas cards,  those attending were uplifted by the magic of the Christmas season!  We are grateful to Congressman Yarmuth for taking time from his busy schedule to visit with our resident clients! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

From the Mission Kitchen - tonight's meal

Free range stuffed chicken in Bruscetta sauce, Alaskan golden potatoes smashed, season green beans French cut, mixed green salad, kitchen fresh yeast bread rolls, sweet strawberries, double fudge moist brownie, the chef's special a chocolate chip brownies